"Those who have been to Bermuda know that there is nowhere like it in the world. The book Bermuda backs up that claim, providing evidence in the form of breathtaking photographs of the dynamic and diverse people who make the island what it is is today. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than in Bermuda at anytime of the year; this special book is a reminder why." 

author of The A Circuit

Bermuda Spirit is a collection of Bermuda photos, and an insider's look into iconic Bermuda and its unique people, candidly showcasing Bermudians, at work, at play, and in their own environments.

With a foreword by award-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas, the Bermuda photos are a collaborative, charitable project; profits from the book sale will go towards a  group of Bermudian charities, including The Family Centre, Masterworks, BIOS and The Audubon Society. With full-page photographs and anecdotal descriptions, Bermuda Spirit captures the country’s evolution in photos from the oldest English-speaking community in the western hemisphere to a modern-day international business and tourism destination.

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"THIS BOOK IS FABULOUS!!!! I went to the Opening book signing in NYC last night. Philadelphia is their next stop! These ladies have completely captured the beauty of a very unique and magical place for so many of us. The pictures in the book will transport you momentarily to Bermuda......for those of us who no longer live on the Island but miss its infinite beauty and proud people. Kathy and Georgia need to be praised for their SPECTACULAR effort."  - Liz Outerbridge Richardson

Included in Bermuda Spirit are photos of Teddy Tucker, explorer of the Bermuda Triangle, photos of Bermuda Resorts such as The Reefs and Tuckers Point. The book showcases a wide range of photos of activities for visitors to Bermuda to explore in all seasons and in all weather. The book is a perfect gift for those planning a Bermuda vacation, or destination wedding.